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master stable
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Load replacement files from the mods directory

Each mod should be its own directory in the mods subdirectory
of the game data path. Mods are loaded in alphabetical order.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Fix incorrect interaction for images with an hotspot position set

Fixes moving to the tree from the vista in the prologue.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Fix cursor highlight blending
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Optionally do alpha pre-multiplication when loading PNGs
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Optionally use linear filtering when rendering backgrounds
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add loading of replacement PNG files for the background images

The replacement PNG files can have larger dimensions when compared to
the original XMG images, enabling the creation of a high resolution mod.

The game looks for the replacement files in the game directory and then
in the xarc subdirectory of the directory containing the archive in
which the xmg picture to be replaced is located. For instance:
'1e/00/xarc/fountain_layercenter.png' should be used for the Venice park
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Don't display animations that have not been initialized

Prevents a garbage frame from being displayed if the animation is not
updated on the same frame it is started. Happens with the hovercar
animation in April's room and when the subway enters the station.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Fix crash when cycling through items with an empty inventory
Bastien Bouclet
ALL: Update the years for 2019
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Rework the services instanciation and move keyboard handling
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Keep track of the keyboard state during transitions

Fixes #1512.
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Don't initialize effects on menu nodes

Fixes #1514.
Bastien Bouclet
SDL: Use the desktop resolution when drawing games to a framebuffer

Fixes #1513.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Delay changing screen after a FMV ends

Prevents the game screen from being visible for one frame before scripts
have a chance to update it after a FMV ends.

All user interface screen changes should probably be updated to work
that way. Running the update method of a screen and the render method of
another on the same frame seems really bad.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Prevent dialog options and subtitles from being displayed at the same time

In some cases the game scripts don't wait for dialog lines to complete
before presenting options.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Don't always wait for sounds to complete in the menu screens

With this change, changing screens and using widgets feels much more
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Use the center of item's bounding rect as the scroll target
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Implement lighting for props 3d models
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Inventory window fixes

* Show an active cursor when hovering the scroll buttons
* Clicking on a inactive scroll button no longer closes the inventory
* Changing the visibility of the inventory window now closes the action
* The inventory management hotkeys only work when the game is
* Hide the inventory window when loading a save.
* Hide the action menu when loading a save.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Adjust a few TODOs
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Ignore keyboard repeat events
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Ignore keyboard repeat except when entering save names
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Reset the input state after displaying a modal dialog

Fixes #1448.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Use the mouse cursor as a hitbox when testing small world items

Fixes #1506.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Prevent string pulling from making April walk on disabled faces

Fixes #1494.
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