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master stable
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Fix build on AmigaOS
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Reset sound variables when loading saved games

Ensures the sound system does not believe sounds that were playing when
the game was saved when loading it.
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Timed music scheduling fixes

* Timed music would often be stopped right after starting.
* Fade / play durations were not framerate independent.

Fixes #1522.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Disabled floor faces block casted rays

Fixes being able to go behind the Roma gallery facade.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add autosave support
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Remove superfluous warnings
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Warn when trying to load indexed PNG images
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Initial version of the collision avoidance movement
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add basic collision handling, used by NPCs
Bastien Bouclet
START: Fix crash when trying to draw empty text visuals
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Use the actual font bounding box when rendering text

Prevents parts of characters from being cut off.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Fix sometimes incorrect item description in the action menu
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Change animation scripts to use the script suspend system

Animation scripts now work the same way as video and skeleton animations

Fixes #1517.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Don't blend animations for models with incompatible number of bones

Both the new and previous animation need to have the same number of
bones as the model to be able to blend the animations.

Fixes #1517.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add console commands to force animations to play
Bastien Bouclet
VIDEO: Implement Bink rewind
Bastien Bouclet
COMMON: Include hidden files in directory listings by default

Hidden files are now only ignored in the GUI file browser when the user
has not checked 'show hidden files'.

Myst III has the hidden flag set for one of the directories containing
datafiles on the CD-ROM. When users copy the files to their hard drives
the hidden flag is kept. Detection worked previously because hidden
files were explicitly requested in the AD code. The engine would fail
to open the datafiles because SearchMan.addSubDirectoryMatching
ignored hidden directories.

Fixes #1516.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Display a warning when the user is missing datafiles
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Make the text color endian-safe
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add a detection entry for the Dutch version

Reported by ajvdhave on the forums.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add a detection entry for the Russian 1C version

Fixes #1509.
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Load the font settings from gui.ini
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Add text encoding handling
Bastien Bouclet
SDL: Don't set a profile when requesting an OpenGL context

It does not make too much sense to request a compatibility profile with
OpenGL 2.1 since that notion was added in GL 3.2.

Fixes context creation on Windows with old nvidia drivers (v310.90).
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Set the demo flag for the Swedish demo
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