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master stable
Bastien Bouclet
MYST3: Rework archive handling to be more flexible
Dries Harnie
TRAVIS: Base ANDROID_VERSIONCODE on Travis build number
Dries Harnie
ANDROID: Provide encrypted keystore, decrypt on master branch
Dries Harnie
ANDROID: Sign package using $KEYSTORE
Dries Harnie
TRAVIS: Build APK for both architectures at once
Thierry Crozat
MACOSX: Add Documents folder usage string in Info.plist

On macOS Catalina, the application needs to ask for permissions to
access some folders, such as the Desktop, Downloads, and Documents
folder. It for example asks for permission  when listing files in
one of those folders or trying to read a file that was created by
another application and not selected using the system Open panel.
Since the default savegame path on macOS is in the Documents
folder it will ask for permissions to access this folder when we
open the Load Game dialog or try to load a savegame that was
copied there manually). So, while not required, it seems a good
idea to provide an explanation why ScummVM wants access to the
Documents folder.
Thierry Crozat
MACOSX: Opt in for dark theme

macOS 10.14 introduced a dark theme in addition to the nornal
aqua theme. Applications compiled with the 10.14 SDK or above
are automatically opt in for both, but applications compiled
with an older SDK are not and still use the aqua theme even
when the system is set to use the dark theme. Those applications
need to explicitely opt in to use the dark theme.

This fixes bug #11305: Dark Mode is not supported
STARK: Make debug command output more consistent (#1609)

The 'Too few args' message should only be
displayed if some but not enough arguments
are provided. Otherwise just show the
instructions of the command.

Fixes #1464.
Pawel Kolodziejski
README: Added Discord url
Pawel Kolodziejski
ALL: Convert urls from http to https
Pawel Kolodziejski
README: Update site urls http -> https
Cameron Cawley
CONFIGURE: Allow building with Tremor instead of Vorbis
Mathias Parnaudeau
TINYGL: Fix wrong access to the list of dirty rects

The function end() of a list does not return the last element but a fake element
after the last one, for the need of the iterator.
Trying to access to the data of the element returned by end() and that has no
such field, that caused a stack buffer overflow, reading uninitialized data.

Called function back() instead, to get the last element of the list.
Mathias Parnaudeau
GRIM: Add one missing character description in emerFont data

The builtin font emerFont is currently used to display FPS.
Each graphics engine reads this array to render each of the 96 characters,
from 32 to 127 the ASCII table.

TinyGL and OpenGL-shaders read the array out of bound because they read
data for the 96th character in emerFont that only describes 95.
No problem was hightlighted with OpenGL engine because it only read 95
characters, with no consequence as the character 127 is DEL, so never

To be compliant with the global implementation, data for character 127
is added in emerFont (will display nothing) and the OpenGL engine is
changed accordingly.
Mathias Parnaudeau
GRIM: Fix resource leak calling releaseMovieFrame

In EMI and GRIM games, a resource leak was found with OpenGL and
OpenGL-shaders engines: releaseMovieFrame() was not called in the destructor
of these graphics drivers (and never called at all on exit).
This patch calls explicitely realeaseMovieFrame.

Note that is was already done correctly with TinyGL.
Cameron Cawley
RISCOS: Fix missing include
Mathias Parnaudeau
EMI: Check _musicTable is null before it is used

After having installed EMI data and started the game, if we are in the situation
where it is asked to rename resource file FullMonkeyMap.imt from both CDs
into FullMonkeyMap1.imt and FullMonkeyMap2.imt, the game tries to start but
leads to an immediate segmentation fault.

In EMISound::setMusicState, _musicTable is checked againt nullptr but ... after
it is used. This check is moved up.
Dries Harnie
Merge pull request #1598 from mparnaudeau/grim_fix_alloc_dealloc_mismatch_in_textsplit_parse

GRIM: Fix alloc-dealloc mismatch in grim engine
Mathias Parnaudeau
GRIM: Fix alloc-dealloc mismatch in grim engine

Fix deallocation of 2 variables that was done with free() instead of delete operator,
a they were allocated with scumm_strdup() that uses itself new operator.
Pawel Kolodziejski
STARK: Added vorbis to features depedency
Bastien Bouclet
STARK: Remove the TESTING flag from the detection entries
Pawel Kolodziejski
KNOWN_BUGS: Add Stark entry
Pawel Kolodziejski
ALL: Update credits
Pawel Kolodziejski
GRIM: Prevent struct Lights clashing - fixing compilation with older compiler
Bastien Bouclet
ALL: Update the years for 2020
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